How do I make a payment?

Make a Payment demo video

Make a payment process

Once approved and activated, you can make a payment at any time by clicking the “Make a payment” button.

We’ll first ask you who you want to pay, so you’ll need your recipient's details if you haven’t already set up the recipient. 

You can also add a reference to the payment which your recipient will see on receipt of funds, so that they can easily identify it.

You then choose the currencies you wish to sell and buy, and provide us with the payment amount (in either currency). At this point, we ask you for a brief description of the reason for the payment.

You will then see details of the amount you need to pay and the amount your recipient will receive, along with the exchange rate, our fee and the date that your recipient will receive the payment. You will also see a settlement date, which is the date by which we need to receive your funds in order for your recipient to receive the payment on the quoted date.

The rates we provide are directly linked to market rates, and we will show you the current exchange rate as an indicative quote when you've provided the necessary payment details. You can refresh this indicative quotation at any point to reflect the latest market rates.

If you’re happy with the rates and information we’ve shown you about the payment, you simply tick the box to accept our terms and conditions, before clicking the button to confirm the payment.

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